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What does Robkk do?

  • peter-hamilton


    besides all the wonderful and appreciated help here on the bbpress forums, what do you do with bbpress?

    I would love to see more websites showcased and since you @robkk are leading the herd now I am in need to see the best bbpress forums online from you, I bet you made a few by now.

    I personally get a lot of inspiration looking at other forums and see how people make the code their own but can not find a descent showcase anywhere.

    Looking forward to be amazed

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  • Robkk


    What? No I am not leading the herd haha.

    Im still learning like the rest of you guys. While I do have some themes in my backpocket and some yet to be released, there seems to be always soemthing I can improve on these things before I even think about releasing them. I am actually getting more free time soon, so maybe I can actually start giving support for these themes I release in full now.

    The best forums that I have seen used bbPress are the developers of the Tameriel Foundry and HigherExistence forum for bbPress v2, and the and ACF forum for bbPress v1.

    All the developers that created each of those forums are leading the herd in my opinion, and you should check them out.

    @robkk, @peter-hamilton,

    Ahhh ‘herd’, I read ‘nerd’ as a start.

    There is a showcase list on our codex:
    EDIT: Check this list:
    Then there is a top100 of some years ago:

    Let me see to update our codex showcase list a bit…




    Thanks for that guys, a bit more info from @robkk is very much appreciated and TamrielFoundry was my initial inspiration to continue with BBPress over other software, @casiepa cool… brilliant link thanks.

    I love what you guys are doing.




    What kind of information are you looking for, because I don’t feel like linking to any specific sites that I have worked on.

    Are you just talking about bbPress in general?



    Sorry, meant to say that the little info you gave is enough, cheers for that mate.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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