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What are the benefits to using bbpress over other software?

  • Anointed


    To preface, I know nothing about bbpress other than it’s installed with my new buddypress setup.

    I have run vbulletin on numerous websites for years now so that is what i am familiar with.

    As my ultimate plans include using wordpressmu/buddypress/forums, can someone let me know why I should consider using bbpress?

    Are there features that it has that other software does not provide?

    Please, I am not being antagonistic here, it’s a real question.

    so far my vbulletin setup has the following:

    1. completely bridged to wordpressmu so that all registration/logins/sessions etc are controlled by vbulletin for the entire system. Meaning you login to vb, you are logged into wp automatically etc..

    2. vbulletin uses wordpress theme header/footer etc. It’s not static, meaning that if the header in wp changes it auto changes in vb, and NO, I am not using iframes, that’d be just plain stupid.

    thanks for any info provided.

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  • Ryan Hellyer


    bbPress will likely run considerably faster, has a much more logical/smaller number of templates and bbPress is a lot easier to develop plugins for.

    anointed – If I were you, I’d leave it alone and keep vbulletin. There’s no reason to change if everything’s working and you don’t hate vbulletin :) Now, if you do hate it…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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