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Welcome Note should be hide after login

  • pagal


    Hi to all,

    I’m wondering to solve my problem but I haven’t find any solution yet. I hope I’ll got it from bbpress support forums.

    My problem is

    I have mentioned a notice right above the topics. like Micheal’s forums “”


    “””””Dev:station is a community-driven forum where developers, beginner and expert alike, can discuss software and website development, share ideas, explore other ideas, compete with other members, and share news and/or tutorials. Dev:station is the place to learn new things everyday.”””””

    so when I login into his forums, then this notice goes hide. I want exact like this.

    But in case of my forums. when I login to my forums this still remain there.

    can anybody tell me what to do?

    Note: Micheal is not willing to solve any issue of bbpress.



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  • I’m new to join here. I’ve a lot of problems when i’m blogging. I also hope that i’ll get the solution’s from here. As a new comer first i’ve to see the features of here and discussed on the subject basis.

    Gautam Gupta



    Where you have added that message, just before that add this:

    <?php if ( !bb_is_user_logged_in() ) { ?>

    And just after the message, add this:

    <?php } ?>



    @ Gautam

    it works :D

    you are simply awesome…thanks dude… :-)



    Note: Micheal is not willing to solve any issue of bbpress.

    I hate to bring this up – but I simply cannot ignore this. Pagal, please do not spread false information. I simply stated that I’m unable to get access to my server at the moment, for various reasons. So not willing is a false reproduction of the truth.

    Like I have said before, as soon as I have access to it again, I will show you the different means and ways of customizing your front page.

    Take care

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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