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We want edit our replys

  • Rasteri


    Hey, how i can disable this option in bbpress forum settings; Disallow editing after x minutes, if i type 0 or leacve it blank, it still uses default setup (5 minutes)?

    WordPress version 3.9.2–fi
    bbPress Version 2.5.4
    My site

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  • Robkk


    hmmm i thought you could be able to disable it with 0 , but i really havent tried that yet.

    you could hide the link with css and also php i guess so the time wouldnt even matter since there isnt a link to edit at all.

    heres with css

    a.bbp-reply-edit-link {

    for topics just change reply to topic

    I just tested this and it works fine, as it states: “Disallow editing after ‘x’ minutes”, that does not infer setting to 0 will disable topic/reply editing 😉

    Thus, if you set it to 1 editing will be disabled after 1 minute, the default is 5 minutes.

    If this is not working for you check your time and date settings, someone else had this issue a while back and as they had the incorrect time zone configured it was adding the time zone difference to the allowed editable time 🙂

    Minoumimi Senpai


    sorry to post this here but my i cannot create topics or anything on the site..

    i have been messing with this all day and getting quite aggrevated
    my members cannot edit they’re topics or replies or forums if i allowed it which i dont
    And they cannot create a topic from the Dashboard menu bar at the top
    so the topics they are allowed to use looks totally horrible and does not have all my wordpress options, well i think it uses the normal wordpress replies maybe i would need to change that?

    If they could Edit they could use the proper Tools after but..
    Unless i set Edit_others_posts there is absolutely nothing i can do to allow them to edit
    it always says you do not have the proper rights
    and of course i DO NOT want them to be allowed to edit other peoples posts…

    How could i make it so that they can edit they’re own posts only
    and that they could post a Topic Directly from the Dashboard bar at the top of page to be able to have the proper tools instead of using post topic like a reply
    I did reset all users to default Role since i saw it mentioned often and it didnt help
    Only if id set it to moderator they could edit theyre own posts
    but they can delete everything from everyone

    i am using latest WordPress and latest bbpress with twenty fourteen theme and i have no plugins that would conflict

    Minoumimi Senpai


    i am still trying to find answer to this problem !!
    Unless i add the role edit_others_post my users cannot edit they’re own posts using the Advanced posting option of wordpress
    And well i cannot trust all those people to not touch each others posts..
    and without it well the Topic creation is not that versatile unless they are html pros




    i dont recommend users creating new topics from the admin bar or the backend unless there just keymasters and maybe moderators too.

    i would even allow only keymasters and moderators in the backend of my site.

    users should only edit the topics/replies using the admin links on each post.

    if you only do this they should only edit their own posts

    as for being the proper tools ,

    there is a tag input box by the topic if you have tags enabled

    tinymce toolbar can be activated using

    and the revisions should show up if you activate revision logs

    attachments can be available with some plugins

    other than that the other stuff the users shouldn’t touch.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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