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Wanting to try a new forum but scared and lost!

  • Dromicus


    I currently have been using mingle although looking at moving on to bigger better forums. What I need is
    I am looking for a forum that is simple to set up and has the ability to easily lock down forums so certain users do not even know they are their and even if they were told their profile would not allow them to enter the forum. With mingle it is was super easy to set up, took me less than 20 minuets to have all the users added, the forums made and permissions set. Ease is something I need!!
    Does buddy press fit this criteria?

    An example would be that all forums are hidden except the welcome forum unless you are a member of the site. Only the site admin should be able to create user accounts. Once you are a User you will be able to see and interact with certain forums, including the two personal forums that only you can see* unless you ask an admin to share these forums with another user.

    As an example ford user can see the ford forums and her personal white list and black list although can not see the dodge forums. And the dodge user can not see the ford forums, how ever the mechanic can see both forums but neither of the users personal forums.

    When it comes to knowledge of setting forums up, I am about as smart as a rock…well not quite as smart but close. So looking for a super easy forum to set up, make secure etc. And with luck have all the forums and sub forums created in around 20 minuets or less. Running what ever the most current wp version is.

    Or is it possible to migrate the mingle forums into bbpress? would be great to have a magic button to push.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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