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Voting on user-submitted posts

  • habicht


    Is there a plugin or add-on that would enable voting on user-submitted posts? I was thinking of using Gravity Forms with custom post types to receive the user-submitted posts/ideas, and then publishing the excerpts on the main page. But, I need a voting plugin to allow users to “like” or “vote up” their favorite ideas. Suggestions?

    I’ve seen a lot of plugins out there, but I don’t know which ones are compatible with Buddypress.

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  • There are a few that support bbPress, just add ‘bbPress’ to your search criteria at



    I couldn’t find a working (simple) voting system for bbpress so I rolled my own:

    Feature Requests

    If it continues to work over the coming weeks I’ll clean up the code and share it.

    Robin W


    great, would be good to load it to wordpress



    +1 It would be great to have this as a plugin. Looks nice on your site.



    I added this new Voting feature as part of the old GetShopped Support Forum plugin.

    It was the quickest way I could get a support forum (resolved/unresolved) plus topic voting working together.

    Here is the comment I made on the WordPress plugin repo site:

    Code is available on github. It’s not polished enough to be a standalone plugin just yet.

    I have added a few new things:
    1) topic voting
    2) sidebar registration widget
    3) copied the ‘resolved’ dropdown to near the submit button, so you can easily mark a topic as resolved while you are replying to it (much quicker!)
    4) fixed a couple of potential bugs around permissions (ie: anyone could mark a thread resolved or assign a thread to someone etc..)

    You can grab the code (and see the changes) from here:

    The voting and sidebar registration features can be seen in the demo here:

    (I have modified some of the div tags/classes in this plugin to better support bootstrap, so it might look a bit funky on the standard bbPress install)


    Stephen Edgar


    Awesome, thanks for sharing this 🙂



    Nice plugin really good job! 🙂



    Thanks for sharing this. Very helpful!

    I had a couple of comments seeing that this is a work in progress. This may just be my install. But I noticed that non-admins could see the drop down but couldn’t actually successfully change the status of a post. I also think the sorting menus should be conditional on a support forum, not a voting forum.

    Again. Thanks for sharing. I hope this feedback is useful.



    I’ve updated the plugin to include a (very basic) paypal payment feature and the ability to mark topics as “accepted”. You have to manually update the topics when payments come in, I don’t have enough time to make any sort of PayPal IPN integration.

    Code has been updated here: ( warning, my paypal address is hard coded into includes/bbps-vote-functions.php )


    Main forum page, it sorts topics by “funds” then “accepted” then “votes”.

    Admin topic page: you can vote, mark topic as accepted, and manually update payments.

    User topic view, can vote (when logged in) and pay:

    Live demo here:

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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