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Voting in Forum Topics (and sorting based on it)

  • theacademicperson


    Hi friends,

    I know I’m posting on a topic that was asked many times on this forum before (including my post from the last year).

    There need to be a voting option (upvote and/or downvote) in the forum topics. It is a must to have a functionality to automatically arrange the topics based on voting by viewers.

    Almost all the popular interactive forums on the web contains this feature…Stackexchange, Reddit to name a few. Others have a voting system without any rearrangement of the posts based on it…Google plus, Facebook etc.

    I admit bbPress is a great forum builder on the greatest CMS at this moment (WordPress)…but it (and all forums build on it) lacks this critical feature.

    As I already said this feature is being requested for a very long time, but it wasn’t added on the updates of bbPress.

    So it is my earnest request to please add this feature.

    You can see how many people has been requesting this by just doing a quick search in this forum –

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  • theacademicperson


    I previously used a plugin for the voting functionality on my bbPress forum, but it was not maintained for more than 2 years. Also it didn’t have the sorting function of it. The voting option was also not prominently visible – causing problem is accessibility. So I discarded it and tried to find another one, but there is no such good plugin currently available. Also this should be a core functionality of bbPress itself.

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