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visit bbpress in root dir; store it elsewhere

  • complexconfusion


    I’d like my forum address to be my root domain URL:

    So long as bbpress’ “subdirectories” such as “” don’t conflict with other, real directories (such as “”), I figure that should work alright.

    However, I don’t want to dump all the bbpress files in my root directory. I’d rather keep them in a resource folder. I can do this with wordpress by putting an edited wordpress index.php file in the home dir. (I just edit the page’s require function to point to the correct location) Unfortunately, this didn’t work for bbpress.

    I imagine I’m not the only one doing this; what’s the working solution, please?

    (bbpress )

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  • My first thought on just copying index.php over and changing require('./bb-load.php'); to require('./forums/bb-load.php'); didn’t work (which is how it works for wordpress), though it may work if you do that and then changed the location in settings.

    See for ideas?



    I believe 1.0 specifically has some abilities to address such a desire but I am unfamiliar with them. Sam might know.

    I have a similar query: I can install into “/bbpress” on my web root, but the installation just won’t complete if install to deeper folders, eg: /network/members/bbpress where there is .ht access security.

    Also, I’d rather it was all in /forum rather than /bbpress. Unless all hrefs, includes etc. are purely relative, that would require trawling all bbpress files for this reference to change it (?)

    No – you can’t just rename the root after installation and return to reconfigure the install root setting: it all gets lost in itself.

    Replying to myself: I installed on our live site and didn’t have the same problems, by copying the files onto a root with a non-bbpress name, and several levels down; maybe just a local server problem. I think the lesson is: install really basic, and play. Make up your mind what everything is going to be called and where it will go, and then start all over fresh.

    At least now we don’t see bb-press named folders except in admin. But I agree, it would be neater to have all the bb-press functional stuff in a common place, called by as many installations as required, but I guess there is a single database / table registration in there.

    Pretty neat though; I like it. Only problem is IE 6 messes it up in places (positioning, not showing all user tags etc.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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