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Visibility and login issues

  • salocime



    Perhaps I just haven’t read enough about the forums feature, but where I’ve been looking for answers isn’t helping.

    First of all, there doesn’t seem to be a way to make the forums invisible to the general public. I have a membership site with elementary-aged students; I can NOT have the forums visible to the general public. Is there something I’m missing about how to make that happen? For everything else on my site, the fact that I put that that the content is protected and the membership level works; this is visible to EVERYBODY. My understanding is that if I put private or hidden, only I can see it, correct? What do I need to do to make this forum only visible to site members?

    Then there’s the actual member issue: It’s telling my site members that they have to be logged in to post. Well, not only should they not be able to see the forum if they’re not logged in (they can), but they are already logged in when they access the link, so why is it saying that they have to log in? Do they specifically need a WordPress account? Does their account with my site not do the trick?

    My site is updated to the latest WordPress version and I’m using the Spacious theme.

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  • salocime


    Well, it seems to have resolved itself somehow. When I had the settings to Private before, members couldn’t see the forum. Now it’s on Private and they can and others can’t. And the ability to post has returned. Just a weird glitch!



    Huh, weird?? Glad you … or god resolved your own issue though. 🙂

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