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Vbulletin to bbPress Import – Replies Missing

  • themefurnace



    Ive just imported quite a large Vbulletin3 forum to bbPress using the built-in importer and it doesnt seem to have imported any replies,

    The threads and users moved over ok but there are no replies listed in bbPress.
    I ran the repair options after the import one by one.

    Wondered if anyone had any ideas ?

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  • Hmmmm, that’s no good, I’ll take a look in the next few days, I’m busy as making a load of importer improvements so I’ll test these with vBulletin 3 at the same time.

    Also this reported in this topic also, so maybe subscribe to that topic also in case I write omething there and forget here 😉

    import from vbulletin3 and no replies



    Brilliant – thanks a lot 🙂

    Im moving the forum over to bbPress and plan to do a write-up on WPLift about it,
    If you cant fix it, then I could possibly upgrade to VB4 and then do the import but Id prefer to do it from version 3 if at all possible.

    Shouldn’t be a problem fixing it, it did work but nonetheless I’ll take a look, I have a sneaking suspicion there might be a couple of differences in the database schema between various version of vB3 :/



    +1 for another anxiously awaiting the VB3 importer feature. We are running v3.8.3 and are getting hacked almost weekly. As soon as the import feature is ready, we’re ready to make the move to bbPress.

    I’m still not having any issues with my vBulletin 3 databases 🙁

    First up, once the import is finished the progress window should look something like this:

    Repair any missing information: Continue
    Conversion Complete
    No threaded replies to convert
    Converting replies (79500 - 79599)
    Converting replies (79000 - 79499)
    Converting replies (300 - 399)
    Converting replies (200 - 299)
    Converting replies (100 - 199)
    Converting replies (0 - 99)
    Converting topic tags (0 - 99)
    No super stickies to stick
    Calculating topic stickies (0 - 99)
    Converting topics (5000 - 5099)
    Converting topics (4900 - 4999)
    Converting topics (200 - 299)
    Converting topics (100 - 199)
    Converting topics (0 - 99)
    Calculating forum hierarchy (0 - 99)
    Converting forums (0 - 99)
    Delete users WordPress default passwords (0 - 99)
    Converting users (0 - 99)
    Starting Conversion

    In particular, do you get to see the Conversion Complete without any errors shown?

    Do you ever (or even know if you can remember) if you see the importer is actually converting topic tags per Converting topic tags (0 - 99) or do you see an error along the lines of WordPress database error: [Table 'vbulletincopy.tagthread' doesn't exist]

    Also @themefurnace what version of vBulletin is it specifically? v3.1? v3.2? v3.81? etc



    I believe I did get this error :
    [Table 'vbulletincopy.tagthread' doesn't exist]

    The version is 3.0.0 RC8


    Ok, maybe the pre v3.0.0 never included ‘topic tags’ so the best solution is to delete or comment out this section in vBulletin3.php

    Basically remove the code between lines #293 and #334 in vBulletin3.php bbPress 2.5.4

    I hope to get the updates that I have been doing over the past week and a bit finished by the end of the week and it would be great if I could get a few people to test theme out 🙂



    Thanks – I will give that a go and let you know how I get on 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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