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import from vbulletin3 and no replies

  • sigwinstonwolf


    Hi all,
    After importing a large enough vbulletin3 forum (86 forums, 12,000 threads, 346,000 replies), I successfully imported users, forums and threads, but in any threads, there is only one answer, the first.
    All threads have only one answer, not one more!
    Any idea?
    thank you in advance

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  • Robin W


    Have you run the repair forums?

    Dashboard>tools>repair forums. Run them all, but only one at a time !!



    Yes I did.
    All the results is OK, except for “Counts replies for each user.”
    This item gave me a negative result: failed!

    What version of vBulletin 3 did you import from?

    The vBulletin 3 importer hasn’t had a great deal of testing, a quick look at the database I have here is v3.6.4

    During the import did the status update showing that your ’86 forums, 12,000 threads, 346,000 replies” had been imported or are they just the stats from the vBulletin stats? (Trying to determine if you they actually all were imported or not)



    Hi stephen, the version is 3.6.4

    You’re right. I have checked the wordpress database, i have this tables:


    The “wp_posts” table contains 12.878 record, exactly as my original vbulletin forum.

    But, but no other table contains 346.000 records.
    Only the table “wp_postmeta” contains 127.513 record that look like this:

    column meta_id: 638945
    column post_id: 25653
    column meta_keys: _bbp_last_active_time
    column meta value: 2013-05-06 21:53:24

    Nothing in the database.

    Everything is stored in the wp_posts table including WordPress posts, pages, bbPress forums, topics and replies so a rough guess here is that the 12,000 topics have been imported but not the replies.

    If your comfortable using phpMyAdmin can you run this query for me on your vBulletin 3 database:

    post.postid AS postid,
    thread.forumid AS forumid,
    post.threadid AS threadid,
    post.ipaddress AS ipaddress,
    post.userid AS userid,
    post.pagetext AS pagetext,
    post.dateline AS dateline 
    FROM post AS post 
    INNER JOIN thread AS thread USING (threadid) 
    WHERE post.parentid != 0

    That should return the first 30 rows of your 346,000 replies, does it? Or do you get an error?



    I run this query, and i had no error.

    I have 333.863 lines found.

    Thanks, that is a good thing, basically as your wp_posts table contains 12,878 records it looks like the importer didn’t import any replies, if it had your wp_posts table would be ~350,000.

    Presuming you are doing this on a test site I would suggest you reset bbPress (Tools-> Forums-> Reset bbPress) and delete the imported users along with all the previous imported forums, topics and replies and run the import again.



    Hi, i have reset the forum, and run import again.

    These are my selections:

    source platform: vbulletin3
    –database connections data–
    row limit: 100 row
    delay time: 1 minute
    convert users: checked
    restart: checked
    clean previous installation: checked


    – start conversion
    – no data to clean
    – user conversion (0-99)
    – user conversion (100-199)
    – cuser conversion ….
    – Delete the default password of WordPress users (1200 – 1299)
    – forum conversion (0-99)
    – calculation forum hierarchy (0-99)
    – conversion threads (0-99)
    – conversion threads (100-199)
    – conversion threads (…)
    – conversion threads (12600-12699)
    – No stickies to stick
    – No super stickies to stick
    – No tag to convert

    Repair any missing information: Continue (<- this is a link to /wp-admin/tools.php?page=bbp-repair)

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘vbulletincopy.tagthread’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT convert(tagthread.threadid USING “utf8”) AS threadid,convert(tagthread.tagid USING “utf8”) AS tagid,convert(tag.tagtext USING “utf8”) AS tagtext FROM tagthread AS tagthread INNER JOIN tag AS tag USING (tagid) LIMIT 0, 100

    After this message i click “Continue” and run the “repair page” one at a time.
    All operations are successful except “Count the number of threads in which each user” has replied … Failed!

    No replies on forum. Only one replies for each thread.

    I have wordpress 3.9.1 and BBpress 2.5.3

    I’ll have to take a closer look at this as I have thought/presumed that all vBulletin v3.x installs include the ‘topic tags’ table tagthread irrespective of if they are used or not.

    That said because of that error the import stopped, the good thing is that if you click ‘Start’ again it will resume from where it left of, in this case it will start importing your ~300,000 replies. (Just ensure you use the same settings for the import as your outlined above).

    I’ll try to get to this on the weekend whilst I’m updating many of the other importers 🙂



    I have the same issue. Just imported a bulletin 3 install; All seemed good except no topics have any replies. Any progress on coming up with a resolution?

    Thanks in advance.



    Hello, I have the same problem. When i try to repair forum, i got blank page on Recalculate the parent topic for each post and even if all the replies are imported and they are present in backend, in the frontend just the first topic shows. Any solution?

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