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Vbulletin to BBpress conversion in Stages

  • 6piston


    Hi BBpress people!

    Okay, it’s taken me days to go through with the conversion between vbulletin and bbpress. Until now, I have yet to see my complete forums in bbpress. The process stops eventually every time I restart.

    180K Threads
    4.2m Post
    170 Users

    What I have done is:
    – copied the vbulletin site to vbulletincopy
    – prune it down to 100K post (replies)
    – start the conversion
    – it’s taken me 8hrs and i’ve only got 18,000 replies converted.

    Question 1:
    How else can I do this conversion? I really want to get bbpress working.
    Can I try this?:
    – copy 4 or 5 copies of vbulletin db
    – prune posts according to date (eg: 2018 – 2015 / 2015 – 2014)
    – go through the conversion again with every “batch” and let it overwrite somehow?

    Question 2:
    How can I copy it in stages and let the forums operate with the latest data and I can overwrite with more old threads later?


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  • 6piston


    Anyone please?

    To make it easier, i’d just like to know if I can merge multiple bbpress conversions (topics and replies only)


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