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vBulletin 5 to bbPress Migration

  • Peyman Moghaddam


    Hi All,

    I can see that there is both a vBulletin and a vBulletin 3 option to import a forum. Do I simply select ‘vBulletin’ in order to import a VB5 forum, or am I stuck?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards,

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  • I have a customised version of the importer for vBulletin 5.

    There are a couple of tweaks that are needed though to bring it in-line with the current importer updates. The issue is with the way our current import script is setup we need to heavily tweak not just the import script but also our main converter.php file to handle the complex SQL joins need.

    If your familiar with SVN you can checkout the 2440-converter.php.2.diff​ patch in the following ticket along with vBulletin5.php, if not let me know and I’ll upload full files of these somewhere.

    Peyman Moghaddam


    Hi Stephen,

    Many thanks for the speedy response. Unfortunately I am not familiar with SVN (generally I am a non techie, but learn things fast).

    Any advice/a walk through would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

    I’ll take a look at this tomorrow morning (nearing 9:15pm my local time) and I’ll merge my latest changes and upload the files for you, quicker for both of us 😉

    Peyman Moghaddam


    With many thanks Stephen,

    Best Regards,

    Peyman Moghaddam


    Hey Stephen,

    Any luck with this? 🙂

    Kind Regards,

    Life got in the way of fun 🙁 Will do this in the morning 😉

    Peyman Moghaddam


    Thanks Stephen, much appeciated! 🙂

    There are two files attached here, vBulletin5.php and converter.php:
    You can also download both in a zip file via this link.

    You need to place vBulletin5.php in the folder `/includes/admin/converters/
    and converter.php in the folder /includes/admin/

    A couple of notes, you’ll need to make sure your vB5 tables do NOT include a table prefix, if they do this will not work and you will need to rename all of your tables to remove the prefix.

    You can confirm this by opening your vB5 database in phpMyAdmin
    <img src=”; alt=”” />
    If your node table name is the same as mine in the above screenshot your good to go, if it is a prefix it it would look similar to prefix_node (the prefix could be named anything)

    One other important note, the main difference with this version of the importer is to support vBulletin 5 ‘comments’ which are like bbPress threaded replies, allowing users to reply to replies, these vBulletin replies will NOT work as expected unless you have enabled bbPress threaded replies setting before you import your forums. Also if you reset and delete your forums or uninstall the bbPress plugin this setting will be reset and you need to enable it again.

    P.s. More my bad, I appeared to not hit submit on this post when I uploaded these yesterday 😉

    Let me know how it goes 🙂



    has there been any progress in getting something to import from VBulleting 5.2 or above. They don’t have tables in VB 5 anymore and I am trying to import to BBPress as I am sick of VBulletin and how hard they are to work with. I moved to the cloud about 18 months ago over there and have regretted it almost immediately. I have 57K topics and 300K posts as well as 7K users (not all active anymore). I just need the best way to import the data to BBPress. The VBulletin importer in the software gives me many of the same errors mentioned on the forums here in several threads. I need this done yesterday.. LOL… I have moved my forums from the VBCloud and am putting up my home page. I have all data backed up. I have not tried the articles or anything else, just the forum posts. I couldn’t wait and have to pay another month to stay on VB as my contract was up with them.



    my website is in Arabic language do i have to make other steps



    I am trying to import vbulletin 5 content to bbpress.

    1.Copied database to local location.
    2.Removed prefix
    3.Copied vbulletin5 and converter files.

    But it is stuck at the below location.

    Calculating forum hierarchy (20 – 29) —> “Not moving from here”
    Calculating forum hierarchy (10 – 19)
    Calculating forum hierarchy (0 – 9)
    Converting forums (20 – 29)
    Converting forums (10 – 19)
    Converting forums (0 – 9)
    No passwords to clearStarting Conversion

    I tried to stop and start, removed prefix. Still no luck.

    I just need only topics with posts, I can import other stuff manually.

    Can you guys please help me with this issue?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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