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vbulletin 4.2.2 to bbpress 2.5.4 user conversion issue

  • trevan


    Had to run the import 15 or 20 times, restoring the database each time (because the options on the reset forums page didn’t see to work for me). Each time, the conversion hung, and at a different spot every time.

    I tried adjusting “rows to process at a time” to 50, and “second(s) delay between each group of rows” – to no avail.

    Finally, I decided to import all of the users (~3700) first, and then do a second conversion of everything else – omitting the users.

    That finally allowed the conversions to take place and finish “successfully”.

    The problem I’m seeing now, is that the posts don’t line up with the correct user.

    Anybody have an idea on how to fix this? Do I need to do it all again, or is there some magic wand I can wave, or script I can run to pair the correct users to their posts/replies?

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  • No magic wand, as each topic or reply is imported it is matched to the old user ID.

    Thus you really need to import the users and the forums, topics and replies at the same time.

    The reason you can do this separate is because bbPress 1.x, BuddyPress Group Forums, SimplePress, Mingle to name a few are WordPress plugins and thus the users already exist in the WordPress database.

    I also can’t see a reason as to why importing the users, then the forums as separate imports would work and a single import for everything would not work. Essentially the way the import works is in steps, it imports each section, once finished moves to the next step.

    Up for trying again? If you do please post back here any errors you see and I’ll help work through those with you.



    Thank you, Stephen. I restored the database and ran the full import again (with users). Gratefully, it worked this time. Yay!

    I’m off to the races! Thanks for your help.

    Awesome, just one of those things then, glad it worked for you 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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