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Users receive all email Notifications and can’t opt out

  • davedm


    I’m having an issue where users are receiving email notifications for everything that gets posted on the forum. They are not able to opt out of specific forums/threads and only opt in to the topics they are interested in.

    I’ve looked at the docs and not sure if it’s a software glitch or some other plugin on my site causing this functionality. They’ve unselected other threads (unsubscribed) but still receive their notifications.

    I’m also using …

    – Ultimate Member (free version).
    – bbp style pack Version 4.5.4 by Robin Wilson
    – bbPress Notify (No-Spam) Version 2.9.3 by Vinny Alves (UseStruct Consulting)

    Not sure if any of those might be interacting too.

    Any thoughts?



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  • davedm


    … I think I found the settings buried in the bbPress Notify (No-Spam) Settings, I just turned off Topics -> Topics Settings -> Recipients “Select one or more roles below to determine which users will be notified of new Topics.

    I’m wondering if there is a flag that allows users to subscribe to everything, since some users want to receive all new messages and some don’t…?

    Robin W


    dashboard>settings>forums>Allow users to subscribe to forums and topics



    if we DO NOT TICK “dashboard>settings>forums>Allow users to subscribe to forums and topics”
    will all users be subscribed to all forums and all topics??

    Robin W


    no the opposite they are never subscribed.

    you can use

    bbPress Notify (No Spam)

    to get everyone to receive, but they can’t opt out !



    Hi @robin-w,

    bbPress Notify (No Spam) will let you select users by roles and also let you take over core subscriptions. Selecting roles will force notifications to everyone, while overriding core subscriptions will send notifications to opted-in users.

    The plugin was originally built to notify admins, and then users asked for the ability to add more roles. Not wanting to spam people (heck, it’s a No Spam plugin, right?), I wrote the premium Opt Out add-on so recipients could choose between blocking emails entirely or allowing only notifications for forums/topics to which they subscribed.

    This was before I added the override core subscriptions option.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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