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Users directed to wp-admin when entering forum or topic

  • Jerry


    I am using WordPress MS (version 3.8.1) with bbpress and buddypress.

    I have the wp-admin folder on the host server password protected as a security measure.

    There are two things occurring that I cannot figure out:
    1) When a logged-in user tries to go to any forum, or a topic, the web browser is asking for a password to access wp-admin. Entering the password or clicking cancel does not appear to change anything. This does not happen when someone is not logged in.

    2) When logging out from the “edit profile” screen, the user again gets the password request, and after clicking cancel is taken to a registration/lost password default screen.

    These things occur on both Firefox and IE. Thanks in advance for any help I can get to solve this annoying issue. 🙂

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