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Username Issue

  • Hi guys

    My forum member’s usernames show their email addresses!?

    I did the integration correctly and the forum/wordpress database get’s updated accordingly when new people register.

    But what on earth can I do about the username issue?

    I want it to display their real usernames.



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  • What versions of BB and WP?

    Also, what do you mean their names show their emails? Do you mean instead of seeing braddock16, you see braddock16@email.whatever? Or when you go to their profile, you see their email?

    The latter yes. instead of braddock16 it shows braddock16@email.whatever.

    I viewed user profiles in bbpress and the usernames are also the emails.

    I have no idea why or what to do to fix it?



    What theme are you using? Maybe it’s not coded properly.

    What versions did you integrate?

    Are you talking about the wordpress template theme or bbpress?

    I wouldn’t mind paying for help also.





    Wherever the username is displayed properly – what theme is in use there? And what version of bbPress and WordPress did you integrate?

    If you are seeing the username displayed incorrectly in bbPress, maybe the template author used the wrong function to display the username, or something like that.

    My WORDPRESS theme/template shows the usernames correctly.

    The BBPress forum template does NOT.

    The template I’m using for BBpress is the “blank 3 column

    1.0 by refueled”

    BBpress version

    I’m using wordpress 2.6.2.

    I cannot change my wordpress version under any circumstances because I have certain vital plugins that only operate under that version and it’s a paid membership site.

    So what can the problem be here?

    Thanks for the support so far!

    I don’t think it’s the template either because inside the forum area, bbpress shows that the username is the same as the email used when signing up to wordpress. that doesn’t make sense because when they signed up with wordpress they chose a real username.

    Ben L.


    It’s not the template. Line 4 of post.php is <strong><?php post_author_link(); ?></strong><br />, so it should be showing the post author’s name, not email. There’s no functions.php, so it has to be a plugin.

    What plugins do you have active on your bbPress installation?

    I have the following plugins installed:

    1. Private forums:

    2. Akismet

    3. VIPUsers:

    I downloaded this on somewhere.

    I don’t have the bbpress signups separate from wordpress. The 2 is integrated. But you probably know that from my first post.

    In wordpress every user has the option to give themselves a “nickname”. I would actually like the forum to display that….if possible.



    What is VIP Users?

    I think the recommendation is to use the Hidden Forums plugin rather than the Private Forums plugin:

    Ok it seems the only solution to my problem would be to reinstall everything.

    It’s ok since the forum have not been used yet, it’s hidden in a folder.

    How can I “reset” the forum installation and reinstall bbpress?

    Or maybe try and install a different forum solution. Would a different solution clash with the new database tables that have been created by bbpress?

    If you deactivate all of your plugins (maybe late at night, since you’re using private forums)… does that temporarily fix the username display? If so, then you know it’s your plugins… and that can help focus our troubleshooting.

    If you deactivate all of your plugins and the username display is still messed up, that means it’s probably either an issue with:

    1) your template or

    2) the integration

    I don’t know what is going on but my replies are being deleted every time. Please mods, stop it…i’m trying to find a answer to my problem.

    Johnhiler, I deactivated all the plugins but the problem persists.

    How can I reset the installation? I mean, the wordpress and bbpress tables are now one aren’t they? I think that’s how I installed it in the first place. How can I start over from scratch with the forum installation?





    I doubt the *only* solution is to reinstall everything. Why not just figure out what is wrong and fix that? What’s to say it would be better the 2nd time around?

    Can you post a link to the site?

    Can you look at the database and see what values are stored for username? If you register a new user, is their information stored correctly? Is the problem just with existing users?

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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