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  • Hello Guys,

    i installed BBPress today..its awesome…..but i have problem in user registration..its telling me that they will send me the password in mail. I did registration before 20 hours , but still havenot received any mail regarding password…Can you help me in this?

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  • chrishajer


    Sounds like your server is not sending email. Can you confirm that email is being sent from your server via command line or another PHP script? Also, check your spam or junk folder.

    The email normally arrives within a couple minutes.

    I am having a similar issues. We have WP and BBP both installed. We have installed WP and the registration and emails work flawlessly. On the other hand the BP registration and Lost password emails say sent but are obviously not going out. Can anyone help on this one.. I am pulling my hair out. site = homesandagents dot com



    What version of WordPress are you using and what version of bbPress?

    version – bbpress and WordPress (Version 2.3.2).. Nt Box

    Clarification Below.

    do you now of any bugs in the synchronizing of wp an bbp. I am testing these sytems and having issues with email registrations. I get an email notification in wp letting me know there is a new registrant but no registration password and link come through. When you register in bpress nothing happens other then saying password was sent.

    Even more odd is the fact that email notification for favorites in bbpress works just fine. I have no idea what the issue is. can anyone help me.. At this point I would donate to your cause if you can get this to work/synchronize.

    sit is located at homesandagents dot com



    Are you using IIS 5 or 6 as the server? I started looking into it and it seems like the IIS SMTP server returns a 501 error when it receives the bbPress email. Is yours IIS? Where is the site hosted?

    IIS 6.0

    windows server 2003

    the site is on a dedicated server. Not sure if it is a server setting or a synch issue / coding issue with bbpress and wpress.

    after more testing here is what works currently.

    – Wp lost password and new registration works fine now as far as emailing out.

    – bbpress will email a notification when someone posts a new comment to your “favorites” topic

    -bbpress will NOT email out a new registration or a lost password

    Does that help in any to narrow it down?



    It does. So far it appears the issue is that the IIS SMTP server doesn’t like something about the mail that’s being handed over from bbPress. Not sure what that is yet, but the SMTP server returns a 501 error then drops the connection. I need to find someone who is using IIS and has access to their logs to troubleshoot more thoroughly.



    I wonder if there are differences between the bb_mail functions used by the registration function, and the favorites notification? If the favorites notification works, but the password email does not, there is some difference between the two that is probably causing the problem.

    I turned off the mail notification plug-in to see if there was a conflict and still no go . The plug in that works is.

    Post Notification 1.3

    Sends an Notification email if there’s a new post to an favorite topic.

    By Thomas Klaiber.

    do you see a difference?



    Where did you download the plugin from. If someone can download the plugin and then compare it to the mail function in bbPress and see if there’s a reason it works in the plugin.

    http://thomasklaiber dot com/bbpress/post-notification/

    is where I got the plugin. I would compare these but I do not know what to look for.. by the way.. the plug in works very well!!

    anyone have any suggestions on this chain?



    Do you have access to the logs on your server to check for SMTP errors?

    Did you try this plugin by sambauers?

    This fix is checked into trunk as well, but the plugin might be the easiest way to try the fix.

    that looked extremely promising. Unfortunately still did not send. Do you think this is a serverside permission issue? I cannot believe as previously stated everything else works except bbpress registration emails and lost passwords.

    Log file

    01/22/08 16:52:25 [xxxxxx794F3BBD4EA70AC6DBC2D6.MAI] from (SMTP) [SMTP:r @]->[] System Default Route Applied.



    [01/22/08 12:28:15]****************** LOG FILE STARTED *******************

    01/22/08 12:28:15 Service Starting

    01/22/08 12:28:15 Service Loading Agents

    01/22/08 12:28:15 Resetting messages in inbound queue for List Server Connector

    01/22/08 12:28:15 No outgoing message files in inbound queue for List Server Connector

    01/22/08 12:28:15 Resetting messages in inbound queue for POP Connector

    01/22/08 12:28:15 No outgoing message files in inbound queue for POP Connector

    01/22/08 12:28:15 Resetting messages in inbound queue for SF Connector

    01/22/08 12:28:15 No outgoing message files in inbound queue for SF Connector

    01/22/08 12:28:15 Resetting messages in inbound queue for SMTP Connector

    01/22/08 12:28:15 No outgoing message files in inbound queue for SMTP Connector

    01/22/08 12:28:15 Initalised MTA Connector Collector Thread for POP Connector

    01/22/08 12:28:15 Initalised MTA Connector Collector Thread for SMTP Connector

    01/22/08 12:28:15 Initalised MTA Connector Collector Thread for List Server Connector

    01/22/08 12:28:15 Initalised MTA Connector Collector Thread for SF Connector

    01/22/08 16:52:25 Processing file xxxxxx8794F3BBD4EA70AC6DBC2D6.MAI from queue SMTP

    01/22/08 16:52:25 ME-MTA-ROUTE [xxxxxx4F3BBD4EA70AC6DBC2D6.MAI] from [SMTP] Connector queued to [SMTP] Connector as [xxxxxxx5444A809973864743822928.MAI]



    Doesn’t look like there are any errors in that log file, to the untrained eye (me.)

    I saw something checked into trunk today about a from email address. Maybe sambauers will comment on this thread if that change is related, or if it’s something that will work as a plugin. If not, I will look up the change tomorrow.

    Sam Bauers


    Looks like it may be rejecting the mail due to the “From” email address being invalid. Try this code in a plugin and make sure your admin_email option is a valid email address:

    if ( !function_exists( 'bb_mail' ) ) :
    function bb_mail( $to, $subject, $message, $headers = '' ) {
    if (!is_array($headers)) {
    $headers = trim($headers);
    $headers = preg_split('@r(?:n{0,1})|n@', $headers);

    if (!count($headers) || !count(preg_grep('/^from:s/im', $headers))) {
    if (!$from = bb_get_option('admin_email'))
    if ($uri_parsed = parse_url(bb_get_option('uri')))
    if ($uri_parsed['host'])
    $from = 'bbpress@' . trim(preg_replace('/^www./i', '', $uri_parsed['host']));

    if ($from)
    $headers[] = 'From: "' . bb_get_option('name') . '" <' . $from . '>';
    $headers = trim(join("rn", $headers));

    return @mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

    Still does not work.. Can you elaborate on the “valid email” and what exactly you mean.. May sound like a dumb question but I just want to make sure i am not crazy. Which may be the case… :)



    One thing I always thought was interesting was that mail appears to be sent from, whether or not that is a valid email. So, if you responded to your password email or something, it would be sent to that bbpress@ address, which might be invalid, so it would bounce.

    I wonder if has to be set up as a valid email account on the server, so if the SMTP server says “let me make sure this is one of my users before I sent out email for him” it will work. Since you wouldn’t normally have a address already set up, maybe some MTAs don’t like it and give up on the mail altogether.

    Why wouldn’t the email just be sent from the admin email address since we’re asked to enter it in config.php anyway?

    Any thoughts?

    I have tried all different ways of entering email addresses. I am baffled. The only thing I can think is the following:

    bbpress resides in folder one up from Word press. I am wondering if there is a file permission issue for that folder. But again the odd thing is.. the favorites notification works just fine and it is in the same plugin folder as the plugin Sam had me upload. I do not know. I hope Sam may have more ideas.

    None of this makes sense. It has to be a BBpress email php coding issue.. But why is it so different from wordpress and the bpress plugin “favorites notification” that work fine.

    I wish I could just have 1 login for both sides — and be able to merge profile into one place to edit. Sounds really complicated though.



    The bbpress mail funcion is just something I can’t really understand. When I tried to use it with my favorite notification plugin I got some problems, so I decided to hardcode the mail-function into my plugin.

    mail( $userdata->user_email, bb_get_option('name') . ':' . __('Notification'),

    sprintf( $message, $topic->topic_title, get_user_name($bb_current_user->ID), get_topic_link($topic_id) ),

    'From: ' . bb_get_option('admin_email') );

    I just kept it simple there. Did someone of you try to hardcode the mailing into the registration function? Would be interesting to see if it works then?!

    not sure how to apply that code.. can you assist

    when that be applied in the pluggable.php file?

    I’ve just encountered this with As the mail server administrator I was getting delivery failure notifications which reported that the receiving SMTP host had rejected the email with:

    <>: host[] said: 501 SYNTAX


    I increased logging on Postfix and tested it and found:[]: MAIL FROM:<yyyyyyyy@localhost>[]: 501 SYNTAX ERROR IN PARAMETERS OR ARGUMENTS

    Where ‘yyyyyyyy’ is the mail server’s local user account for the domain doing the sending.

    It looks as if the AOL server is rejecting the @localhost part of the MAIL FROM field. I’ve looked in the bbPress config.php and in the administration options of the dashboard but can’t see why bbPress is using localhost.

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