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user profiles in bbpress & buddypress

  • selise


    bbpress 2.0 was working pretty well until i installed buddypress 1.5 (test site) and now, instead of the old bbpress profiles (w favorites!), there is the buddypress profile, which is nice, except… the problem i’m having is that as far as i can tell the forum (bbpress 2.0) topic favorites are not showing up in the buddypress profile under favorites or anywhere else that i can see.

    i’ve googled around and found other mentions of conflicting profile issues, but so far no definitive answers as to how bbpress and buddypress profiles are supposed to work together.

    maybe i’m missing something? i haven’t tried using buddypress before. are the user bbpress 2.0 forum topic favorites available in buddypress somewhere and i’m just not seeing them?

    or do the bbpress 2.0. forum topic favorites go missing when buddypress is installed? if that the case, is there a work around?

    bbpress 2.0

    buddypress 1.5

    wordpress 3.2.1 (single user)

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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