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Use bbPress not as forum software?

  • Shmoo


    Just curious if someone could help me here..

    I would like to use bbPress but not mainly as forum/support software, what I like to do is use the Forums function as categories to create structure and navigation on my site and the Topics functions as kinda ‘posts’ – the Replies function will not be used. I will remove that part from the template files.
    The main reason why I want to use bbPress for my site is the Subscribe and Favorite functions.
    Default members of the site can subscribe and favorite topics ‘posts’ and receive email notifications when they change content. That’s the most important feature I would like to use out of bbPress everything else I will customize to my liking.

    The only thing that worries me is the performance of bbPress.
    What if my site holds 15.000 members, 25.000 topcis ‘posts’ and let’s say 5.000 members subscribe to a single topic-ID. How will WordPress/bbPress handle the outgoing emails to 5.000 people will this increase the performance a lot?


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  • Robin W


    I’ll answer this just to let you know that someone has read it.

    This would require I think a ton of work to make it work, and I have no idea on how it would affect preformance



    Some people that use bbPress and have a fairly large site, personally I think one of the largest ever made with bbPress 2.0 and those had some issues with loading times when posting new topics and replies.

    I also believe I’ve seen a Trac Ticket a while time ago about this problem but I can’t find it anymore.
    It mostly happend when X topic would stay active for a long time. Everything when someone new would post inside that topic they would automatically get the “Notify me” checkbox checked. This made the subscribe list grow over time – so every time when somebody would post a new reply inside that topic it would take ~35 seconds to proceed and load the page again.

    I don’t know if it’s patched or it solved some other way but I know for sure there was a connection because lot’s of users being subscribed to a topic and loading times while posting.




    id say dont use bbPress then and just use WordPress blog posts/categories ,and some other thing to handle favorites and subscriptions either be jetpack subscriptions/likes , mailchimp and some other rating plugin like Polldaddy ratings for example.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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