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Use bb only for extened user profiles, but not forum?

  • I have been looking for a way to allow my blog readers to create a profile on the site as a way to build community.

    I just want a setup that will allow users to create a basic profile and have a basic profile page



    -recent comments

    -number of comments

    -member since


    I heard that bbpress would be a good way to do this, but I don’t actually want the forum, just user profile pages for all of their activity on the site. (mostly commenting etc)

    Is this possible?



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  • Michael


    I’m not 100% sure what you’re trying to achieve here, but I’m guessing that you want to do something like this:

    You say you don’t actually want the forum – what do you mean by that?

    If you are running WordPress for your blog, then there’s a nice “extended user profile” plugin for WP ( that would allow you to add to the fields normally available. Tweak your WP theme, and all should be well.

    @Michael888 yes that is exactly what I am looking for.

    Something where each of my regular readers can have their own profile page. With a little space for themselves for links or whatever. Plus, show comments that they have left. How long they have been a member etc.

    The part I don’t want is the actual message board. Basically I want the user profiles without the message board. If that makes any sense.

    @paul Thanks I will check that out. I am going to be running thesis, so I’ll see how it goes.




    There would be no point in having a bbPress installation if you were to have no forum. I’m not fully understanding what the whole scene here is. What exactly is your website?


    My site is linked is the one on my profile here. It is going to be a gear resource site for survivalists. Not a store, but more a blog/gear reviews.

    It is not up and running yet. I working on the design right now. (using Thesis)

    I asked my question here because I read somewhere else that using bbPress might be a good way to allow me to create extended user profiles on my site.

    That is all I am really looking to do.

    I only want this as a way to build community on my site once it gets going. Get people to feel more involved, and allow them to build a reputation for knowledge and credibility on the site.

    Thanks for any advice,




    I don’t think you need bbPress to extend your website user’s profiles.



    If you’re looking to have a community within your Blog, you should really be using BuddyPress. It adds a social/community layer onto your existing WordPress MU installation.

    Like Chrishajer said, bbPress is not for that – it is simply forum software.

    I’m using bbPress for a community – but it’s a Discussion-based community. So a forum is great for that.

    Visit my forum to see what I mean:



    That it great ! It is much more helpful to back link.

    My site is linked is the one on my profile here.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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