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Upvote for bbPress

  • theacademicperson


    My WordPress version is 4.7
    My website link is
    I have already searched for my question in bbPress support forum (where I am posting now), there are previous threads on this question but the plugin mentioned at that time is now unsupported now (bbPress like topics, last updated 2 years ago). Another thread on the same topic don’t have reply. So I decided to bring this matter into the attention of bbPress authors again. If bbPress already contains this feature, please let me know as well.

    bbPress don’t have a voting up feature built in. So the topics get sorted by just last activity and not popularity. A forum seems incomplete without a voting option for topics and replies.

    I tried different plugins for this feature. There are many plugins on voting but they are mostly for WordPress posts, not bbPress topics and replies. Some plugins are able to put a “Vote Up” option above the topic, but it doesn’t help the topics to get sorted based on it. Some plugins only shows “vote up” written and instead of a button. Moreover these plugins only can vote topics and not the replies.

    Please also include a feature to show the number of votes besite the topic in feeds. Because people choose which topic to read in the feed page.

    I always found this community very helpful. I am sure this issue will get noticed.

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  • I’m sure all threads here get noticed, but for some of them we really have no answer.
    Just to be correct, not having upvote is not ‘an issue’ but I see your point for this ‘feature request’. I know it has already been discussed but if I understood well, we need to wait for the next major version of bbPress where (thanks to the change to how topics and replies are stored) it might be possible to think of upvoting.
    So just to ensure you this did not go unnoticed.



    Nice. I am looking forward to this in the next major update of bbpress.



    @casiepa thank you for your reply.

    Jon Fergus


    I’m also very interested in this feature.



    I would be also interested ..



    I would like to see this as well.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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