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Uploaded files but getting errors when visiting page

  • Hello! I’ve followed the instructions, downloaded the zip file, and uploaded all the uncompressed files up to the following url:

    If you visit the site you’ll see the 2 error messages I’m getting.

    First off, I wonder if there’s a problem b/c the only index file is “index.php” there’s no index.htm, etc.

    Thanks for your help! Aequity

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  • I’ve seen that exact error before!

    Here are the reports, along with a proposed fix:

    Hope that helps!

    Thanks John: Before I move forward, I went to the site and here’s the code on line 2:


    I notice, looking through the file list both on my computer and on the remote site that there is no file labelled “admin.php”.

    Could that be the problem? I’m using a 5.* version of php if that helps.

    Also, the only file thats a “home” or “index” file is index.php….

    Hope this may help you pinpoint the problem a bit. Thanks, A.

    Try deleting that require_once line… what that does is enable “deep integration”, so that you can call WordPress functions from inside of bbPress.

    Most people don’t need that sort of deep integration – I don’t use it myself. I just use user/cookie integration, so that users only have to sign in once to either my WordPress or my bbPress and they’re all set.

    When I deleted the line 2: require_once (‘admin.php’);

    I now get the error that you currently see on the site

    Which is:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bb_get_forums() in /home/content/m/i/c/michiganpoker/html/bb-admin.php on line 4

    Line 4 code currently reads:

    $forums = bb_get_forums();



    What is installed on your server… only bbPress? Or do you also have a WordPress install somewhere on there…

    Hi John:

    Great question. I have not WRITTEN anything in WordPress, but WordPress is one of the “canned options” for this website hosting platform ( linux).

    I will be pleased to give you the login and pw to admin the site if that would help, you could look at the files, etc. The only thing that I’ve actually uploaded to it is the set of uncompressed bbpress files.

    Please advise. THanks alot


    Hold on a second, I don’t get why your bb-config.php file was trying to deeply integrate with WordPress… that line’s not part of the standard bbPress install, as far as I know:

    What URL did you download the zip file from?

    Hi John:

    I downloaded from this website, the following page:

    I downloaded the “Latest 1.0 zip” version….

    Please advise,


    That’s very odd… I just downloaded a fresh copy from that link, and the bb-config-sample file didn’t have that deep integration line in it.

    Maybe try downloading a fresh copy, and uploading that code over the old one?



    What version of bbPress has a file bb-admin.php in it?

    Just for reference, here is the error I am seeing right now:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bb_get_forums() in /home/content/m/i/c/michiganpoker/html/bb-admin.php on line 4

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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