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Update 2.5.4 – Lost Languages Files

  • vegas778


    Hi All,

    Why when I have updated bbpress to the version 2.5.4 I have lost the language files ? The po and mo files are not any more in the languages folder….

    Is it a bug or how to solve that for the next update ?



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  • What language are you using? You should see bbPress’ translations in /wp-content/languages/

    (Dependant on the language you use also changes a couple of things)



    French. Maybe its because I put them in bbpress folder / languages and when there was the update it deleted them.

    You’ll need to download the translations manually per the details here:

    Save them into /wp-content/languages/plugins

    With some luck these two direct links will get you the .mo and .po. Make sure you rename both files so they are named and bbpress-fr_FR.po respectively.

    The reason I asked for the language you are using is because if the language translation is 100% translated then bbPress translations are delived to you automatically by the same WordPress Core ‘Automatic Updates’ mechanism, sadly bbPress French translations are not at 100%. (Technically they are at 100% translated but there are 228 strings waiting to be approved.)



    hi @netweb maybe you could help me.

    i made a personalized Spanish translation of the and the es_ES.po to have the more common words used in my country. I followed the instructions here and it worked, i had the Spanish translation with the changed i made but every few days the translations go back to the standard Spanish translation of bbpress. Is there a way to keep my own personalized translation without losing it?




    I made some languages tweaks in my and bbpress-fr_FR.po files to make sure that when the forums are browse on mobile (portrait), then the strings ‘Participants‘ and ‘Articles‘ would not overlap (horizontally) each other. I translated those to short and sweet: ‘Voix‘ and ‘Posts

    I used to edit the French language file with Loco Translator but now, for some reason I don’t understand, Trying to save the translation generates an “ERROR: Forbidden

    Also every time you upgrade bbpress language files and that I upgrade some plugins, the languages files are forced in and my French custom file gets overwritten. That is starting to be irritating. A chance I have a backup, but… this should not be the default behaviour. Isn’t it?

    Please note, I found this “Error: Forbidden” problem with some other plugins where the .pot file had a missing language header.

    Kind Regards,


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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