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Unresponsive Admin link

  • Installed bbpress successfully on personal WP blog. No problems.

    Attempted install on second blog and I get an odd error when trying to access admin. After entering keymaster name/password and clicking login, I get redirected to:


    (WP plugins folder now seems a weird place to install, but I was just jumping in)

    The redirect address just takes me to a “not found” page on the WP blog. So, I go back to the initial /bbpress/ location and the keymaster name shows as logged in. All links appear to function fine except for Admin. Clicking on this does nothing.

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  • What’s the correct URL supposed to be?

    If you installed bbPress under WP plugins, that’s never gonna work. It’s a stand alongside app.

    (should bb have a URL check on setup? If in wp-content/plugins, then ABORT!)

    Thanks. Will uninstall and reinstall in a proper directory. What’s best practice for install location?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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