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unique forum topic icons

  • andrew55


    I’ve been searching, and there seems to be no solution for creating a unique topic icon for each individual forum (i.e – to be displayed to the left of each forum title/description). There is a plugin which pulls the image from the first topic, but that want work for many such as myself.

    I’m no coder by any means, but my idea was to insert some simple php (if statement) in the template file, maybe right after “bbp-forum-info” in loop-forums.php

    Something such as this:

    global $post;
    if ( is_single('17', $post->ID) ) {
    echo '<div class="forum_pic1"></div>';
    } elseif ( is_single('19', $post->ID) ) {
    echo '<div class="forum_pic2"></div>';
    } elseif ( is_single('18', $post->ID) ) {
    echo '<div class="forum_pic3"></div>';
    } else {
    echo '<div class="forum_pic_default"></div>';

    The topic numbers would equal the forum topics. This would allow a unique topic icon to be shown for each unique forum. The “forum_pic” divs could be used to display a background image or even a font-awesome font (using css background property).

    Anyone have any suggestions for this? Will the idea (with proper code) work? Anybody with some php under their belt willing to take a shot?

    Or, is there another completely different method to accomplish this, which is easier?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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