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unescaped characters

  • Paul


    i’m having a problem with unescaped characters showing up in my forum entries – for instance, if there’s an apostrophe in an entry, it gets displayed as ' when people read the forum. if you later edit that entry, the next display is \' and so forth. it seems as if the engine isn’t un-escaping the characters.

    i’m using bbPress 1.0.1 and wordPress 2.8.1 at

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  • Checked. Not seeing the same results. What plugins are you running?



    My money would be on an incompatible plugin, what are you using.

    I can already see topics-per-page and avatars and video embedding.

    ps. bonus points for the ISIS avatar – my favorite show as a child



    Here are the installed plug-ins, but I should note that it has been doing this before I installed any plug-ins:

    Akismet v1.0

    Bavatars v0.4

    BBcode Lite v1.0.3

    BBVideo v0.24

    Post Count Titles v1.0.2

    Right on the forum front page, you can see this entry:

    Satan’s Cheerleaders Pictures 1 Paul Brown 9 hours

    That escaped apostrophe is what I’m talking about… were I to go in and edit that post, there would be two backslashes.

    Howdy Paul, did you ever manage to get this problem sorted? I’ve got the same deal…

    Are you using any/all of the same plugins as the above?

    Thanks! I am using the following plugins:


    Forum Last Posters

    Topic Icons

    Deactivating them one by one or all does nothing. the slash is still there… thanks!

    @nickaster: A couple of questions to help out diagnose this.

    When you say deactivating does nothing, does that mean that new posts after deactivating still show the slash, or are you referring to old posts? The reason I ask this is that old posts may have stored the slash in the db, in which case the plugins may not affect this. Try deactivating the plugins and creating a new post to see if the slash is still there / appears in the new post.

    What version of bbPress are you using?

    Are there any other plugins you are using, or only those 3?

    Are your plugins up to date?

    Howdy… yeah, latest version of bbpress – 1.0.2 Plugin deactivation does nothing to either old or new posts (posting with all deactivated still brings me the / problem).

    I have the same problem. Brand new install with phpBB import. The import was a charlie-foxtrot of wild characters substituted for quotation marks, but all new posts insert the before every apostrophe. Looks like this:

    I’m looking to…

    I’d prefer an appliance

    Even after I go in and edit the post to remove the it remains in the text of the post.



    Same issue here as well :( I’ve read through the forums with regards to a magic quotes issue, but he fixes listed are old and code has changed since they were posted. Any help from the devs would be super!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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