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unable to integrate with wordpress – 2 fields missing in bbpress hypelink etc

  • I am trying to integrate my forum into wordpress so that the forum shows on a page in my blog, there are 3 problems;

    1. your set up documentation says that I need to cut and paste information from the following fields into your integration page; secure_auth and wordpress mu primary log ID. I can’t find them in document used in your hyperlink.

    2. I have used a wordpress plug in to import my bbpress forum but there doesn’t seem to be a way to set up the widgets as they don’t show on a newly created page. They clash with wordpress set up as their widgets show on every page. They are not needed for the forum but the forums are and I can’t show them.

    Also it seems that the only place to show my topics are in the wordpress blog margin as there is no facility to drag and drop the widget into the page content .

    3. I have designed a forum in bbpress but the forums show tight to the right hand margin with the right hand end of the topic details cut off. There seems to be a hot tags widget preventing the topics from appearing in the centre of the page. How can I change the settings?

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