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Unable to change to or create private/hidden forums

  • Anand


    I don’t know it is a bug or I did something wrong but after updating my local and live bbPress installation. I am unable to change a public forum to private. Even i am unable to create a new private forums.

    While creating private forum, It automatically changes to public forums. I guess there might be some issue with the dropdown menu.

    [Also, a private forum can’t be turned into public]

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  • howar31


    Same problem here. Anyone got solution?

    Thanks, I can reproduce this also, I have created a ticket in Trac for this



    I could use batch edit to change the forum to private but no way to change it to hidden :/



    @howar31 how do you do a batch edit?
    Same issue for me on inability to change a public forum to private or hidden



    I am having the same problem with bbPress 2.4.
    In my case, I am also using buddypress (1.8.1) with Group forums.
    The interplay between hidden groups in bbPress and buddypress hidden groups is a bit confusing. Buddypress allows for granular membership levels in its Group forums (for unlimited and different sets of members), whereas bbPress does not (only three levels of membership). This appears to be wreaking havoc with my security settings. For example, anything posted in a buddypress hidden forum is appearing in my sitewide activity – even to non-logged in members. I suspect this may have something to do with the conflict I describe above (because the bbPress forum is ‘Public’, even though the buddypress Group is ‘hidden’).
    I look forward to a fix soon.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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