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Troubles with profile pages titles in bbPress with Yoast

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    We have bbPress and Yoast (latest versions) on our website. Today, using Semrush’s site audit, we discovered hundreds of pages without page titles (actually, the page title is there, it shows only our website name). All these pages are profile pages of our forum participants, including their topics, replies, engagements, and favorites pages.

    We have tried to fix this using the “BBP Improvements for Yoast” plugin (old version 1.0) and it added page titles to the profiles pages, for example, “username’s Profile – Site name”. However, the titles are again the same for topics, replies, engagements, and favorites page (“username’s Profile – Site name” everywhere). Ideally, they would be “username’s Profile – Topics – Site name”, “username’s Profile – Replies – Site name”, etc.

    Any help to fix this problem will be appreciated. Our forum link is HotThemes forum

    Best regards,

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  • GSG Webmaster


    Was a solution found?

    I’m currently having this same problem on the profile pages; the page meta titles are missing, so every page meta title is just our website name. We also use Yoast.

    Sounds like this is a result of bbPress creating virtual pages for every user that can’t be customized or noindexed to improve SEO.

    The forums, topics, replies meta titles are fine because we’ve set them in Yoast > Settings.

    I came across other bbPress forum topics that mentioned the BBP Improvements for Yoast plugin and a few other plugins to improve bbPress and Yoast, but the plugins are 4-6 years out of date, so I’m not going to install them. There’s also a Github topic about this, but it was closed in 2021 with only vague ideas of workarounds, for example using an API-based noindex coding.

    I’ve already reset permalinks and flushed cache.
    I’m planning to update WP Core and update our PHP version to see if that helps.
    There’s also a button in Yoast tools to “Start SEO Data Optimization” which I may do lastly.

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