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Trouble converting from Simple:Press (no users)

  • Justinvarnes


    I am currently using Simple:press and want to convert to bbPress. I have both installed on my WP, and I downloaded simplepress.php and uploaded it onto my server in the file/directory suggested from this site (wpcontent/etc)

    I followed these instructions:

    And when I hit “start’, I get this:

    “Repair any missing information: Continue

    Conversion Complete
    No replies to convert
    No tags to convert
    No topics to convert
    No forum parents to convert
    No forums to convert
    No passwords to clear
    No users to convert
    Starting Conversion”

    (Obviously in reverse order).

    WHat am I doing wrong? I have the updated versions of both forums and of WP (3.6).

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  • The SimplePress converter is already included in bbPress and is the latest version available, you should not need to download and upload it to your server.

    The settings are critical to getting the importer working correctly, sadly at this stage there is very little error messages displayed if you get any of these settings wrong and this is the most common issue with importing.

    Ensure your settings are correct for the fields noted in the docs here:

    You may have to check with your webhost to ensure you are using the correct values.



    Thanks for replying,

    The only bit of info I don’t have is “Table Prefix.” I don’t know where to find that. The other settings I’m pretty sure are accurate. Do you know where I can find that? Please excuse my inexperience with all this. Just getting started.

    Also, when I finishing importing the forum, I assume the WP page for forum automatically switches to bbPress? If not, how can I switch it manually?

    Thank you in advance. I really want to use bbPress over Simple:Press

    To find your ‘Table Prefix’ open up phpMyAdmin on your webhost and it should look similar to this:

    So in my case the table prefix will be ‘sp_’ (This is most likely the default for SimplePress)

    Navigate to to see your forums, you can add a link to your WordPress menu linking to that URL etc

    Also don’t forget to run the repair tools after the import or things just won’t look right.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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