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Trashed items end up in drafts folder

  • sbask


    Do I have to stay in version 2.5 for life?

    We are currently on version 5.6 and see this same behavior occur. Specifically: Trashed items that end up in the drafts folder

    Here’s the explanation:

    In trying to deal with the above post (which was a spammer), the ?view=all link in the report failed to show the trashed post, and I was unable to click on the (+1 hidden). Removed the ?view=all from the URL and reloaded the page. I was able to click on (+1 hidden), but no trashed posts appeared.

    Clicking on the post quote’s hyperlink did reveal the “missing” post.

    By my way of thinking, both links should be able to show you the related trashed/spammed post. If the ?view=all suffix isn’t working, why not, please? It’s part of the platform’s infrastructure…

    Ok, Susan. there is a bug!

    These items now appear to be landing in the DRAFTS folder. This is not normal behaviour, and bypasses moderation. It needs to be fixed!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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