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Trac linking in the support forum

  • I’ve just added the ability to directly link to Trac tickets and changesets within your posts, for example…

    Just typing #964 links to ticket 964 in Trac that follows the progress of the XML-RPC interface.

    Typing [1832] links to changeset 1832 in Trac.

    You can also link to BackPress tickets ( #BP7 and [BP170] ) and WordPress tickets ( #WP2012 and [WP10043] )

    This is done using a new plugin

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  • Tracklinking has had the bizarre effect of breaking apostrophes when in code blocks.

    ‘ is just fine.

    ' is not so much.



    Hey we can put the bug in trac and link to it now though ;-)

    The bug is easy fixed, thanks for flagging it.

    The ability to directly link to Track tickets and change sets within our posts is version specific?

    Disabled it until it’s fixed.

    Fixed, back on




    bbPress is the #1 forum software for do-it-yourselfers


    + should maybe be {3,8} instead


    bbPress is the #1 forum software for do-it-yourselfers

    nope, still broken in backticks.

    testing some more:

    Joe User

    100 Main Street Suite #17

    Anywhere, USA

    nope ;-) In fact it removed the space between Suite and #17

    [trac=123]see this ticket[/trac] or [trac]123[/trac] would be better.

    Or just copy the entire url out of trac once you’ve looked up the number anyway.

    How about ##101 ?

    OK, fixed _ck_’s problems. Anyone else?

    This is code with an apostrophe ' in the middle.

    That would be a double plus good.



    There’s is still a problem with htmlentities, you either call your filter too soon or too late after bbPress does it’s autop, etc.

    demo of bug:

    WordPress & bbPress

    (the and symbol is converted into an htmlentitiy, then your plugin sees the # and makes it a link) Broken all over

    You could make sure the pattern doesn’t end with a semicolon or maybe set priority 9.

    Heh, definately a border case!

    I don’t know too many people who hand encode their own HTML entities in the normal flow of text.

    Nicely spotted though!



    Um, no you missed my point. I didn’t enter an htmlentity,

    I simply entered the ampersand symbol. bbPress converts it to an htmlentity

    and then your plugin converts it to a trac code.

    only way now to get a real & is to enter & or put it in backticks &

    & & & &# & & &38;



    Sam this is still broken. See the previous post. there are &38;‘s all over the site.



    I tried to post 1&1 and it comes up 1&1.

    edit Dec 20, 2008:

    this is fixed so the comment above looks like there was never anything wrong :-)

    Oh, that’s different. Will look.

    Just found out that entities behave really strangely in bbPress. For some reason the standard behaviour is to take unencoded entities and encode them when editing a post.



    There are numerous other quirks too in bbPress’s parsing.

    For example paragraph tags are stripped inside of backticks.

    OK, entities problem is (re)fixed for Trac linking.



    <h3>Backtick test</h3>
    <p>This is in a P block</p>
    This is not
    <?php echo bloginfo(); ?>



    @_ck_ <p> tags were not stripped in the backticks above.

Viewing 22 replies - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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