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Topics not displaying when not logged in

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  • Kirsty Burgoine


    Does anyone have any ideas about this?

    I do really to get this working without the need for people to be logged into the website as an administrator to see the topics and replies.

    At the moment, that is the only way topics can be viewed and I’m sure its because I have missed something obvious.

    Very annoying… I don’t see any privacy settings for topics. My forum is open to the public, but the topics don’t show up unless logged in.

    You haven’t missed anything. bbPress by default doesn’t have all the options you would likely want to run a 100% private forum.

    That will best be handled by a custom plugin – unforunatly I don’t think anyone has written one yet.

    I figured out what was causing my topics remain hidden even though my forum set to public. During site maintenance, I had temporarily set the forum to private. When I set it to public again, the topics remained private. Had to create a new public forum assign the topics and replies to the new one and delete the old forum. The topics are visible again to non logged in users.

    John James Jacoby


    Yep. It’s a known bug, that will be fixed in the next point release. Probably the cause of a bunch of issues people have found recently.



    Has anyone found a solution to this in the last year? if not this plugin is just crap and what’s the point of using it…

    If you would have taken 10 seconds to search the available plugins on you would have seen there is a plugin called “bbPress Members Only” that does this exact function.

    But you didn’t.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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