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topics and replies are 'pending'

  • kriskl



    Not sure if I am the only one with this problem

    running bbpress 2.3 and BP1.6.2 on wp3.5.1

    every so often (1 in 10 to 1 in 20 ) new topics or replies ends up ‘pending’ not published

    and I have to manually publish them..

    what could be the reason? and how can it be prevented?

    No moderation plugins  etc are running.



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  • Jared Atchison


    Do you have Akismet installed and activated?



    Hi Jared

    yes, Akismet is running fine.

    it was enabled in bbpress and the problem was there, I have disabled it in bbpress forum settings, and the problem still exists.

    could w3 total cache be to blame?



    I’m having the same problem — brand new bbpress installation, no Akismet, no other bbpress-related plugins whatsoever, and topics/replies from (so far) two users have to be manually approved every time. It’s frustrating for them not to be able to engage in conversation and annoying for me to have to remember to check my dashboard every hour or so–and there’s no reason for it to be limited to just these two users that I can see.

    Other users are marked ‘pending’ for their first post (and even then, only occasionally–I’d like to turn that off as well, but it’s equally impossible) and flow through fine thereafter, but this is really frustrating. Any support? Several people have reported this issue in the past year or so, as I’ve seen from going back through the archives, and yet no one’s been aided in solving the issue.



    I may have found the reason for pending posts..

    there were certain words in wordpress (comments) black listed, and I think it has prevented also bbpress new topic/replies being posted automatically



    I actually cleared all the blocked words and words for moderation and increased the amount of links in a post before moving to pending to 10 (this hardly ever happens from my users) and I am still getting pending posts. more info here.

    Participant-created topics set to "Pending" upon creation

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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