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Participant-created topics set to "Pending" upon creation

  • gingerngo


    Hi all,

    Might be related to the recent capabilities/roles update for bbPress, but right now this is what’s happening for me:

    – Participants create a topic in a forum
    – They get forwarded to a 404 page
    – In the Dashboard, however, the topic they created is actually there, but automatically set to “pending” status instead of being published
    – My admins have to manually publish each topic that Participants create (topics created by Moderators get published immediately)

    I’ve set up a small band-aid solution where the users are shown a message that says “Your topic is awaiting moderation” instead of a 404 page, but I wonder how I could make it possible to get these topics published upon creation (remove approval process).

    Thanks for any insight!

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  • kriskl



    I have similar problem.. recent;y discovered over 100 replies pending just after 2 weeks of using bbpress….

    which needless to say, is a lot of pain to approve all of them one by one manually!! 🙁

    as they are all legit, not spam

    Is it possible to turn OFF pending mode??







    Is there any way the OP could explain how they set up this bandaid solution? I’m having the same issue and some users are expressing extreme frustration, as they believe their long replies are lost to the ether.



    I am also facing this problem. At first I thought it was the various programs I had to deal with spam and general bad behaviour (akismet, wanguard and sucuri) but I disabled all the plugins and I also increased the amount of links in a post to 10 before it gets moved to pending in discussion settings. All settings for discussion have removed any need for moving posts to pending or marked for approval. Settings for akismet are unchecked in forums settings and comments blacklist and moderation list have empty fields. Topics or replies should not be going to pending but they are still going to pending and this is destroying my community. There is no message to the user saying that his reply or topic is awaiting moderation (unlike the OP) and the user continues to edit his topic or reply and post again which also ends up in the pending queue and then I have a load of the same topic edited in the pending queue.

    Whatever is causing this is inside bbpress core. I need to know which setting to disable to ensure no topic or reply goes to pending. Yes I know the risks, this is another issue. Can anyone please tell me how to stop this happening. which files in bbpress do I have to edit.

    BBPress 2.3.1
    Wordpress 3.5.1



    Hey guys,

    Unfortunately our site has more problems. 🙁

    We recently installed Buddypress, which undid my band-aid solution of letting the users know that their posts are pending.

    Right now it seems like some users are ok, but others’ posts are automatically set to pending.

    I’ve tried to check out roles and capabilities, but I’m just getting stuck everywhere.
    Anyone else have any updates?



    Quick question, but does anyone have any role manager plugins installed? I currently have Press Permit installed, which has its own set of issues.

    But when I deactivated this, the site seems to be working properly.



    For anyone else looking for solution to bbpress posts being marked ‘Pending’ without clear reason, check Settings > Discussion and the settings there, particularly the number of links before posts are automatically sent for moderation, which was tripping us up.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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