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Topic visible by author and moderators only

  • Marius



    An old similar topic is here.

    We are in Europe, so we must to conform to GDPR.
    Users sometime post theirs personal information’s like phone, email or ID in a support forum and this cannot be stopped with a warning. So you must to admit that possibility to made topics visible by author and moderators only is a must!

    I do not understand why this option isn’t in plugin core?
    Will have a lot of benefits: act like a CRM, a lot of teams will use this plugin instead of a ticket system, the privacy according to GDPR will be 100%.

    Please allow us to have some forums with “Topic visible by author and moderators only!“.

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  • Robin W


    It is not necessary under GDPR to prevent people form publishing their personal data if they wish. For instance if x wants to put their personal phone number on a public forum, that is up to x, and the site is under no obligation to remove it or advise x.

    However if you want to create a ticket like system, then I presume you tried my private groups plugin mentioned in the other thread which does just what you want if I understand you correctly.

    Private groups



    Robin, I’ve try your plugin, is already installed but I do not understand what settings I must to apply to be “topic visible by author and moderators only” or like a ticket system.
    Could you please give me the steps for this settings with one example?
    Thanks in advance!

    Robin W


    dashboard>settings>bbp private groups>group name settings
    set up a user group called whatever you like
    set up a moderator group called whatever you like

    dashboard>settings>bbp private groups>assign groups to roles
    click add group on first or no group login
    assign subscribers to the user group

    dashboard>settings>bbp private groups>topic permissions
    click to activate

    dashboard>forums>edit forum
    in each forum you want to show this, add the user and moderator groups and then save. You will then see topic permissions and can make users only be able to create/edit/view own topics

    Then TEST to ensure it does what you want



    Thank you!
    I will try and I will comeback with feedback.

    Will be nice in near future upgrades of your plugin if you’ll consider to add a new tab “Active Forums” who detect all active created forums and at the right of every detected Forums to be a checkbox:
    Made “Topics visible to author and moderators only (aka ticket system)” on this forum!

    I bet a lot of users will love this and a lot of teams will consider to use bbPress as support tickets instead of others software/plugins!

    Robin W


    thanks for the feedback

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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