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topic title field as textarea

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  • peter-hamilton


    What would be the purpose?….really long titles will only look bad on site and have little to no SEO purpose I think.

    Stefan Wo


    Hi, Peter thx for a response!

    The purpose is the issue of the forum. It is a discussion forum about haiku. If you donĀ“t know them: little poems written usually in 3 lines. To display them as topic I need a textarea field for the 3 lines. Meanwhile I have a solution for the entry title and could substitute in the form-topic.php the input label as textarea. To display it with line breaks I use the css white-space tag. But there is still one problem I can not solve by css-rule, if you are common with that, perhaps you have a hint for me. You can se that:

    Here the entry-title is displayed corect with line breaks:

    but in the topic-list view I cant find the correct css rule to make the breaks correct:





    you should tell your users to display the title of the haiku as the topic title while the content be the actual haiku.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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