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Time is all messed up…

  • I started my bbpress forgetting to set my time to -4 Several users registered and now all the timestamps are messed up.

    When someone creates a new topic, it shows it as 4 hours into the future, yet when someone posts a topic, it shows up as the correct time.

    How do I fix this?/What is causing the +4 rather than -4 (I’m sure I have it set to -4). Also.. how do the times store in the db? By GMT, and then bbpress subtracts 4 OR do they get stored GMT-4 ?

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  • Ok I think I figured out what was going on… my server time (Chicago) is -5… I’m in NY (-4) If I post an article using -5… it say ‘Post Z Freshness X minutes ago’ is correct… but the timestamp on the post is off by an hour. If I change to -4… the timestamp is correct, but the freshness say -1 year until an hour goes by. This is a bug correct?

    Same problem for me, is there anyway around this?? I get a freshness of -1 year if i put in -4 in the config file which gives me the correct post time but messes up the rest.

    When i put in -8 which is my servers time it works fine. Can’t believe there isn’t more posts on this unless i’m missing something…

    Same prob here. Would love a solution to this!



    Open your config.php in the bbpress root directory and change the offset. You don’t even have to reinstall anything, that’s just where the forums go to get that value. Changing that value and reuploading that file will fix the problem (same thing happened to me :) )

    This isn’t a great solution. For those of us who are not in the same timezone as our server, the board times are inaccurate even though the ‘freshness’ problem is solved.

    There must be a way to correct this, surely it would just be a case of adding the difference in hours back on to the time? Can anyone suggest where and how to replace this code?

    It will definitely make our board confusing for people if all the times are seven hours out.



    Also having this issue. How do I solve?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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