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Threads won’t load with Auto-Embed enabled

  • visitor247


    WordPress 4.6.1, bbPress 2.5.10, sorry, no link because the forum is closed

    With Auto-Embed enabled, some threads won’t load at all or need as long as 20 min. to load.
    I created a test thread and found the problem occurs when there are links to other threads within the forum. Although I only created three messages which all contain nothing but a link to another thread within the forum, the page has to load 250 MB of data and hundreds of www-embed-player.js. Also, more than a thousand recourses are loaded (well, one of the linked threads has lots of embedded YouTube videos).

    When Auto-Embed is on bbPress shows the topic of the linked thread instead of the link, which is good. But it seems that everything from that linked thread is already loaded and I’m not even sure that if those linked threads contain links to other threads as well, that those are not loaded, too.
    I’m don’t know why it is loaded, because it is (of course) not shown. If Auto-Embed is off, everything is fine.

    Is there something we can do about that behavior? What we need, are YouTube and especially SoundCloud files that can be played from within the thread and links to other threads that won’t load the complete content without showing it.

    Any ideas?


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  • Robkk


    See if using this plugin can help remove those specific WordPress post embeds.

    A topic with a bunch of embeds may load slow, maybe using a lazy load plugin can help as well for a different reason, to load only what is in view for the user.



    Thanks for the answer.
    I could switch off Auto-Embed in the settings and loading time will be fine, but SoundCloud and YouTube embed should definitely work.
    The links to other messages are the problem, because bbPress loads every content of every linked thread without showing it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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