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Threading Replies Breaks Pagination Without Warning

  • lflier


    Over on the ticket page ( there is a ticket reporting a bug in which reply treading breaks pagination.

    I was about to report the same thing, until I saw a reply explaining that disabling pagination is by design. I had just spent the better part of a morning trying to figure out what happened to the pagination on my site. Turns out I had activated the reply threading.

    Several other members in another support thread have asked for a solution. It’s not clear to me why it isn’t possible to paginate replies where threading is enabled. A solution in which a top-level reply, along with all of its threaded sub-level replies, is counted as a single reply for pagination purposes would be acceptable — certainly better than the present situation, where you can choose threading or pagination but not both.

    And at the very least, this either/or choice needs to be made transparent to the user. Clicking an innocent looking check box on a configuration page shouldn’t disable another function on the same page without a warning. That’s just bad design. It wouldn’t be difficult, for example, to grey-out and disable the pagination controls when the threading check box is checked. That would get the message across.

    If my skills were up to it, I’d offer to help. As it is, I can only offer my feedback.

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