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Themes for both WP and BBP?

  • Does anyone know of a designer or company that offers identical themes for both WordPress and bbPress?

    I am asking this to avoid the troubles of integration.


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  • chrishajer


    There is Revolution for both bbPress and WordPress:

    I think if you look around you will find people who have released bbPress themes to match WordPress themes.

    You also have the iNove theme.

    I use them both on one of my blogs/forums.

    You’ll find the WordPress theme here – and the bbPress theme here.

    You can see theme live on my blog and my forum.




    If bbpress is going to be such a big part of WP, isn’t it a good idea to have the compatible themes accessible from within both bbpress and WP? (I love the way WordPress can now browse the official themes library from within the control panel. That beats Joomla hands down in that particular department).



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    I haven’t played with BBpress to know all its features. However, ideally, and I think I may have said this before, I think bbpress should become an extension of WordPress, or at least have that as an option. I can install Joomla in 50 seconds using Fantastico, and then install their POWERFUL little forum Agora in about 50 seconds because it is an extension right in Joomla! Too easy.



    I didn’t think WordPress could do that, at least not at 2.7. I know they have added that functionality for plugins, but not for themes. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Not yet they haven’t. Be nice, but I still keep a backup of my site on a separate DB so I can play with things like ThemeHybrid ;)

    John James Jacoby


    It would actually be really easy to build in bbPress theme functionality into the get_header and get_footer functions of WordPress, and I’ve thought about doing that in a few of the themes I’m making. Let me experiment this evening and report back.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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