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Theme / plugin for profile page?

  • airdrawndagger


    I’ve been thinking about a good way to display the profile page for some time now. I’d like the avatar to be a fixed size and an extra field for some personal text, kind of like myspace or other communities. Do you think I’ll just have to dig in there or has someone already made all the hard work for me? :)

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  • Just tossing your post a bump because I would like to see a plug-in that allows for greater customization of profile page. I am using BBpress for a guild forum and it would be really useful to add a screenshot of their character and links to their armory profile etc.

    Why don’t you edit the theme to display it the way you want? That’s what I did.

    And you can add custom profile fields easily too. Maybe a plugin to add custom profile fields more easily would be nice.

    Exactly, profile custom fields plug-in.



    benbeltran: That’s why I put “theme” in the topic title, rudely looking to steal what someone else had already created :) I know, I’m terrible!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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