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The definitive predefined addons in the first release

  • Hello there!

    I was wondering… which addons will be put as “predefinite” in bbPress? I know that “less is more”, but atm, using the 1.0 alpha, I can’t say it’s a newbie-friendly type of forum:

    – there is no bbCode (who knows it will use it, not HTML ) => you have to add a plugin (bbCode) and another one to enable the images tag.

    – no smiles (ok, the abuse of them is something like HELL, but the absence is too), you have to add a plugin, and another one to enable images (if you haven’t done before).

    – the editor too is too poor: can’t you make an addon to easily insert all the tags you can insert in? (like the bbCode one, not compatible with Opera)

    – avatars: c’mon, you’ve got them also in the official bbPress forum :) – another addon

    So… there will be some addons like these in the release version? If not, how do you expect people will take bbPress if they allways have to stay under all the most important plugins? What if a developer stops working on one of them?

    Thanks :)

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  • Avatars – They are in there by default, as Gravatars, they’re just turned off.

    As for BBcode … Eh. Given that this is a spin off of WordPress and WP uses HTML and not BB code, I see why they chose not to.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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