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The Current Main Page – How is it Set Up?

  • Gary3000


    Just as the title says, I’m curious to know how the current main page at is set up. Ideally, I’d like to have my forums main page set up in exactly the same fashion.

    Am I correct in assumming that it’s done as a Page (“forums” being the slug) with the bbPress shortcode “[bbp-topic-index]” as its content?

    I notice for Latest Topics it lists 28 topics, however in the bbPress Codex listing of shortcodes, it says that particular shortcode only lists 15 of the most recent topics. How does one go about configuring it to show more (or less) than the default of 15?

    The other thing I’m curious about is how one gets the nicer “Forums” sidebar widget. The one on is styled with a header containing “Forum” and “Topics” column headers, and then a striped list of the Forums with the associated topic counts. In the current public version of bbPress (2.1.2), the “Forums” widget only shows a straight, plain list of the Forums — no header/columns, and no topic counts. Is the widget used on from the current SVN of bbPress, or was it customized specifically for bbPress?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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