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The bbPress Plugins page

  • Jake Hall


    Does it ever get maintained or at the very least, moderated?

    it seems plenty of Plugin developers are almost “gaming the system”, it is already hard enough to attract new people to your plugin before you have developers committing readme changes into the recent stable tag, e.g adding a period/removing a period from the end of a sentence. (which, to those unaware, causes their plugin to shoot to the top of the bbPress plugins list almost as if it has just received an update… wherein fact it hasn’t.)

    Not to mention the amount of plugins that are in no way related to bbPress, yet still use the bbPress tag?

    It doesn’t seem like the plugin guidelines are enforced much either, since every single plugin seems to have a boatload (30+) tags attached some of which aren’t even relevant.

    (And to name and shame, here’s one: – most recent change to the stable tag was to remove a period from the readme… really? Note, this plugin has a free and premium version… I wonder why it is being bumped constantly…)

    It is just frustrating to see this going on in all honesty. The WordPress Plugins page doesn’t suffer from this as it doesn’t display the plugins in a list form.

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  • Robkk


    It is not really moderated on the bbPress site plugins page, it just pulls plugins with the bbPress tag from the WordPress repository.

    Yes, some developers do this and many other things to possibly increase sales in their premium plugins.

    I do not really like some of the tactics they do to try to gain an increase in sales in their premium plugins either.

    This should really go to the make plugins team I think for a suggestion of stricter tagging and plugin submission.

    For the bbPress plugins page I think we will think about it, I might contact the devs tomorrow about it to see if they have any opinions on fully moderating plugins in the list. It would defiantely be time consuming moderating plugins on unless the tagging process was sticter.

    @geekserve Thanks for this, we’re looking into this.

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