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the author posts – members / search results

  • Graham


    WP – ver 4.6.1
    bbPress – ver 2.5.10

    Home Page

    Hello, thank you in advance for any help!
    I have just activated a plugin called “Search bbPress 2.0” which fixes the issue of searching for topics, replies, etc. However, when the results display they include a link to the author and the title. The title works fine but the author points to “the_author_posts_link();” – which sends me to a url containing /author/ (instead of /members/)

    I am thinking “posts” is not where I want to go, rather “members” – I could not find this in the documentation (or on codex.wordpress as it looks to be bbPress specific). Anyone know the replacement for the above function?

    Thanks again!

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  • Robkk


    Are your forum posts still there?

    This could a possible theme issue. I think bbPress could use a template (either content-search.php or search.php ) by accident from your theme.

    Are you using a custom theme, you might want to create a child theme if so?

    To fix this place the content-search.php and form-search.php files from the bbPress plugin to your child theme in a folder called bbpress.

    If you haven’t created a child theme create one.



    I have removed the default post from WP.

    I replaced the link “the_author_posts_link();” with “the_author();” which in effect removes the link but still display’s the author’s name. This is fine I suppose. The user will look under the author towards the title and just click on the title instead.

    Thank you for the help.

    I’ll look into the child theme and probably use it the next time I develop a site. I know it’s the way to go but I haven’t fully grasped the idea behind it. Off topic though. Thanks again!


    When you have BuddyPress activated they user profiles now us e member instead of bbPress user profile URLs

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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