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Templates for 1.x ???

  • Is it me or are there really NO templates out there for BBPress 1.x out there?

    I must say that, as a newcomer to BBPress, I find it very disappointing to find out that template developers not updating their products and leaving cryptic messages on their sites about how BBPress has no cogent leadership. Sorry, can’t remember where I read that or I WOULD leave the URL.

    Code underneath and they way it works looks pretty neat though.

    Oh well, I guess things can only get better… 8^)

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  • johnhiler


    There are definitely some templates posted in these forums… but there’s no template directory, if that’s what you mean.

    There definitely should be a template directory, and perhaps there would be one if there were any current templates available, so perhaps that’s one of the reasons why there isn’t one. QED?

    I have searched for hours, in here and Googled the heck out of the web and nowhere can I find templates for 1.x apart from the two (1) it comes with.

    Very sad.

    You say they are in here. Can you point me to one?



    bbPress is still a small community… we’re not as big as say, the WordPress community, and we don’t get the sort of corporate commitment and support that they do. So what you’re left with is mostly us volunteers, trying to help each other get the most out of free software that we all use and enjoy. :-)

    There are a couple 1.0 compatible themes on the forums… try some of these links maybe?

    Here are a few of the ones that support 1.0+:

    Why do you think it is that BBPress is still a small community?

    After all, many of the WP installations badly need an integrated forum and installing PHPForum or whatever and then trying to link them together is not much of a solution.

    I very much like the idea of BBPress. I just hope it grows and survives to achieve its potential.

    When I see the opportunity, I will volunteer to do anything I can to help.



    Glad to hear it! :-)

    There were only two templates I could find there in the three threads you pointed to.

    And when I upload their folders to my my-templates folder, I see their thumbnails are missing the graphic image in the Manage Themes window, and BBPress is now text only all ranged left.

    Is there some bug that would stop v1. 1 alpha from ‘seeing’ the graphics and the basic display settings?



    Version 1.1 alpha? I’m not familiar with that version… is there a later version than the ones here?



    Actually, it is that one – 2417. I used the latest SVN version, which calls itself 1.1-alpha, unless that’s a mistake.

    @pyscheangels – thanks, I had tried some of these but they didn’t run and had they same problems I described above.

    I thought it was just because those templates were intended for an earlier version.

    Now I’m beginning to think that there’s a problem here that needs to get fixed first, and then perhaps they will run.



    r2417 is the very latest trunk in the 1.0 series. Actually, Matt tagged it 1.1-alpha about 3 months ago. It’s essentially 1.0.2 with bug fixes, PLUS subscribe to topic and login-less posting added. Not much else. It’s probably as safe to run as 1.0.2 right now.

    PubDirLtd, the issue you describe with missing thumbnails and missing CSS used to be caused by improper permissions on the my-templates folder (and my-plugins folder has the same problem, but is not causing this symptom for you.) The permissions should be 0755, not 0750. The directories used to get created with 750 permissions, but I thought a clean install of 1.1-alpha should create the directories with the proper permissions. Did you upgrade a 1.0.2 or older installation, or install the latest r2417 using SVN?

    In any case, changing the permissions on the my-templates directory to 755 should take care of the missing thumbnails issue and other theme-related issues you’re having.

    I am on it actually. Just give me a few days

    Yes, it was an upgrade of a 1.o.2 installation using the SVN and 0755 did the trick, thank you very much. Now I am going to discover there are more templates out there that work than I first thought. Many thanks.

    @psycheangels – thanks very much for the information. I eventually found my way to noease’s beautiful iNOVE WordPress theme at and the iNOVE look-alike BBPress template from Eric Barnes’s at I also found a really excellent suite of programs developed around the Carrington theme, with templates for WP, bbPress and mobile too. Really excellent all of them. But you know what, I still would prefer a plugin that allowed me to integrate and run bbPress in my own developed Thesis WP theme. That would be my choice in a perfect world.

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