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Support for Private Forum

  • Rian



    I was looking for some way to make really “secure” private forum.

    I know it sounds ridiculous to ask somehow to make it secure,

    while I am posting it in the open source project forum.

    But I am kind of sure that most of us might be looking for this.

    What I am trying to do is, that making a big login page at index.

    So if someone try to come in to my forum, they will see the login page first,

    and if they didn’t log in, would not be able to see any articles, or the thing in side.

    -Think about like safe in the bank-

    I would really appreciate if there is some kind of plug in which would do this,

    or someone could help me with making this plugin.

    Any one with good idea?


    P.S. Can I give a change in the database of forum member?

    It doesn’t mean that I am gonna hack in to someone’s info,

    but how the forum going to collect them during registration.

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  • chrishajer


    Why not use Apache Basic Auth to require people to log in before getting anywhere near your forum?

    Or you can use a plugin like hidden forums or zaerl visibility. You could also wrap parts of your forum output in code that checks to see if the user is logged in.

    I don’t think it would be difficult.



    Thanks for reply.

    I know it seems there are easily accessible solutions out there.

    But I found out that it doesn’t really “hide” or “secure” my forum,

    rather lead out-siders, who’s not really welcome to my forum,

    to register.

    (I am planning on to modify register and log-in system in the bbpress somehow,

    so that only the accepted people can join the forum)

    I know this is quite frustrating problem,

    since this is not frequent asking or ideas about forum.

    (Who ever would want forum to be completely hidden?)





    Using Apache Basic Auth will not show anything to a visitor who did not authenticate. Sounds like that’s what you want most.

    Worst case is that someone can stumble on the URL and get the login dialog, but they won’t see any content.

    It’s not that unusual. I use it in exactly this way for an intranet, using Apache basic auth (just a couple lines to be added to your .htacces file.) It won’t be hard to do and will hide everything except for the existence that there is a directory there protected with Apache basic auth.



    I have written a plugin called “zaerl Visibility” that can help you hiding forums for guests. Then you can delete the content of the register.php template file, delete the register link on header.php and manually add users with (check the comments for a fix if you’re running 1.0.2)

    I’m sure you can just configure permissions to disable anonymous viewers from looking at the forums or nodes or any views on the site.

    Just make a role and assign everyone who logs in, to a role that can view content. Also, there are different settings for controlling who can sign up for a login or not.

    comments system



    It’s a 5 months old post. Maybe he has solved the issue 5 months ago.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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