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super beginner :)

  • warmechoco


    Hello everyone,

    I know a bit about html (but that is not necessary here I guess :p) but nothing about css & php..

    I managed to install bbpress on my website.. I am integrating the forum with Iframes on my website.

    now I would like to have a very cleen and simple forum

    – no hot tags

    – not a big header

    – the forums on top & the latest discussions on the bottom

    the theme I think leans the most to my needs is Superbold for bbPress1 by Refueled (looking at styles). So I’m thinking I could start by editing this theme?

    as you can see I need a little help,

    I have dreamweaver to edit things.

    can someone help me and say me how to start or what is the best thing to do?

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  • fel64


    Yeah. So, pick a theme close to what you like and edit it. What else did you want to know?

    Open the theme file for the page you want to edit. Look for the bits you want to change. Change them. For example, to get rid of the tags you go to front-page.php and take out the entire div for hot tags. To put the forums above the latest, look for the block of HTML that’s there for the forums and move it above the block there for the latest. For the header you play around with the CSS.

    I can’t see that you need a little help. I don’t know what help you need at all. Do you have any specific problems? It’s rather annoying that you’re asking for other people to spend their time explaining how to do these things when you don’t seem to have even tried.






    Some1 had a bad day :D

    I’m sorry, that was maybe a little bit strong.

    (But I see _iframes_ and things just go red … :P)


    fel64 I’m sorry if I’m being annoying but you’ve already helped me a lot! I think this should work just fine, thanks for spending your time.

    and euhm.. “not even tried” .. That ‘s not true at all.. see my subject ;)

    , but ok thanks anyway :)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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